This tutorial will show how to add a server with query and RCon enabled on Game Server Commander. For this tutorial we will use an ArmA 3 server as an example but these steps should look about the same for any other game server.

  • Step 1: Select the name of the game hosted by the server.
  • If you are hosting game mods like DayZ mod for ArmA 2, select the name of the game that is modded. For instance DayZ (mod) is a mod for ArmA 2, so you would need to select ArmA 2.

  • Step 2: Enter the server name.
  • This will be name displayed on the server list of the application, it can be anything and doesn't have to match the name of the server itself.

  • Step 3: Get the server's IP address.
  • Enter your server's IP address, this IP address should be the same address as the players use to connect to the server.

  • Step 4: Get the server's query port.
  • Enter your server's query port. The query port should not be confused with the player connection port, for most games, the query port isn't the same as the player connection port. The query port is used by the server to send information about its status.

    If you don't know the port number try the default query port number, you can get it by pressing the "?" button to the right side of this field. A message pop-up will tell you the default query port for that game. For ArmA 3, the default port number is 2303.

    If you own the game server, you can usualy get the query port in the server configuration files or on the server console. On the ArmA 3 dedicated server this information is displayed on the server console on startup. ArmA 3 console query port

  • Step 5: Enable RCon. (Optional)
  • If you own the server, you can enable RCon by entering the RCon port and password. For ArmA 3 this is configured using the BattlEye config file. The RCon port and password are the same used by the BattlEye RCon tool.